April 23, 2010

Happy Easter Treats

Isn't this the cutest? This is one of the treats that I gave my grandchildren for Easter. Can you believe not CHOCOLATE. It was kind of messy to make, but worth the effort to have something for my grandchildren. It was terrible getting the piece of wood through that sticky marshmallow bunny. I had a some mess ups where the wood came out of the bunny's belly and the wood didn't do anything with the flavor, I just had to eat the mess ups. This is my favorite Easter Candy. I need these marshmallow things for every Holiday. And I have a brother-in-law that buys me some every Holiday. Plus I need to get me some also. I never have a shortage on them. Anyway, I made the tag with the Top Note Die and just stamped Happy Easter on one side of the die and the other side of the tag I stamped a bunny with a carrot. I stapled the tag on the cello bag and added a bow.
Stamps: Great Impressions

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