September 29, 2008

Happy Fall

I made this card for a special person.
Hope she likes it.
Fall is such a nice time of the year,
with all the leaves turning their special colors.
Stamp by Great Impressions and
Lettering is from Stickers.

Trick or Treat

Another cute card for the season,
and Trick or Treat is coming soon.
So be ready for those Trick or Treaters.

September 28, 2008

Cardnal Watering Can

Isn't this a cute card for Christmas? I like them both.
The first Cardnal Card reminds me of fabric. It was run through a crimper both way. That is how it made that crinkled look and the second Cardnal Card has glitter all over it. They are both nice cards and perfect for the holidays.

September 26, 2008

Envelope Purse Card

This is an envelope card. You can put mini candy bars, necklaces, money anything that is small will fit in this card.
I used a flower punch for the leaves and stem and another flower punch for the actual flowers. Added dots to the envelope and folded the bottom up in the back and stapled it and covered up the staples with ribbon. Added a pretty lace for the handles. Really cute and quick to make.

Happy Haunting

Wow, this card took some time, but I like how it turned out. A very pretty card. I think this one should be for my Uncle. His birthday is Halloween, just perfect for him.
I added felt flowers with brads in the centers. The stamps are cheap ones. Don't remember the companies.

September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday

I made this card
like a library card,
you pull out the
card and it has the
Birthday verse.
I liked this card
for my granddaughter,
Jacquie. I know
she would rather it
be in black and white.
Might just have
to try another card
in black and white,
I still have time before
her birthday.

Have A Great Day

This was a fun card to make,
just put a flower where ever,
you can't mess this one up.
Perfect to send to anyone you like.

September 16, 2008

Halloween Money Card (Spider)

Here is another Halloween Card that was at my Workshop for the ladies to put together. The picture below is the inside of the card. This is a fabulous card for the Grandparents that aren't allow to give the grandchildren a lot of candy, just add what ever money you want and you are all set for the greatest Halloween a child can ever hope for. I know all my grandchildren would like the money and of course the candy also would be nice.

If the Broom Fits

This is one of the Halloween Cards that I had at my last Workshop.
For some reason, the purple turns out a blue when I scan it.
But the dress and hat is really a pretty purple in color.
This is a card that you could sent to a close friend.

September 14, 2008

Good Friends

One of the latest cards I made.
I like this card because of the bear and the daisy's.
The bear stamp is from Great Impressions.

September 5, 2008

Best Witches

Just got done with this one. It turned out terrific. I like the colors and with witches, you have to have a purple, even though my witches hat looks bluey, but it is a purple marker. I don't like the Argyle at all, but went perfect with this card.

Merry Christmas Snowflake

I think this card is an elegant card. With the snowflake background and the embossed white glittered snowflake in the top of a scalloped square. This card was very easy to do, and if you look closer, you can see it opens differently than other cards. About 1/3 down from the top is the top of the back of the card and it opens around the middle of the square.
Finally this is the last of the Christmas Cards I did in my July Workshop. I am still putting together the kits that weren't finished.

September 1, 2008

Penguin Happy Birthday

I just love this penguin card. He is so cute. And it colored fantastic too. Easy and a some blending with the black water color pencil. So cute for a summer or fall birthday. I purchased the stamp in Akron and I haven't heard of the company before. Maybe they will be back in Akron in the spring and have some more new penguins to pick from.

Make a wish

This card I have been wanting to make for a long time, I think this is awesome. I love the girl figure and in black how awesome is that. It is from Stampin UP and the flower is also from Stampin Up.