July 13, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Here is the card that was done at my workshop for Father's Day. I added a lot of glitter on the dragonfly. And gel dots for the corners to add bling. Of course I didn't need a lot of bling for a father, but a little bit was okay. I pierced the corners of the dragonfly square and then added the gel dot. I colored the gel dot myself with Acohol Ink so I could get the right color of blue. Love the DP, it is from Karen Foster. The fathers day stamp is from Great Impressions.

This is my card that I wanted to try out. I remembered seeing something like this on someone's blog. And of course, I can never find the card again. So thanks for the inspiration if this is like your card. I like the black and white with a touch of red. Love those circles, too. I think my ribbon needed to be a little bit wider, but that was all I could find. I even had someone tie the ribbon like you would tie a regular tie. I sure didn't know how it was done.

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And have a great Tuesday....

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