July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday

Thought I would show you a card I made in my last workshop.
The flowers are stamped from Vellum and rolled a little bit on the ends to give them a little bit of shape. I punched a little flower from another punch and centered a light green brad through all the flowers to keep them together. The flower ribbon is adorable and it comes from a store here in Ohio that has so much ribbon in it, it is hard not to want every roll of ribbon they sell. And everyone say if you can count your rolls of ribbon, you don't have enough, well I can't count how many rolls of ribbon I have. And crazy me went there the other day and bought 8 more rolls of ribbon. My designer paper is from a stacker. And of course the stamp is from Stampin Up. There is also a paper store that sells paper by the pound. I have entirely to much paper, too. It is awesome paper. Some of the paper is 110#, but I try to just buy the 80# weight. And so many colors, of course I need all the colors.
Thanks for checking out my blog and come back soon for more cards I hope to get on here soon.

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