February 14, 2010

Valentine Gift Card

Valentine's day is here and almost gone. Thought I would show you a different card. Or at least I never seen one like it before. I couldn't get a picture of the opening of the card, but that is where it is so different. When you open the card up, it has a cut off of a lunch bag inside the card and that is where you put the gift card. It is so neat. You use 3 1/2 inches of a lunch bag and tape it to both sides of the card and when you open the card, the lunch bag is stuck to both sides of the card and there is the lunch bag pocket with the gift card visible. And you can get lunch bags in so many different colors, you can pick the occasion and them get the right color of bag for this type of card. So cute.
Stamp: Stampin Up
Paper: Bazzill Pink and my stash
Punches: Stampin Up and EK

1 comment:

Sally said...

Great card. I have made one of those for a "future challenge", so I can't post it yet. Great idea!